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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Northern Beaches Scouts

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180103

FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: 3 January 2018

POSITION: Refuge Bay, Broken Bay

REPORT BY : Blue Watch

On our first sighting of the ship, it was considerably lower down to the water than we expected. When we initially boarded the ship there was a steep learning curve in the terms of balance. We waved to our parents as we embarked on our voyage. During the next hour after getting into a bay, we released sails and coiled ropes in order to make the vessel shipshape.

We were all feeling pleased with ourselves about how the day was faring, until we left the Sydney heads and then we discovered how powerful the swell actually was. We had at least 15 kids throw-up but smiles were still on everyone’s faces. The wind was at a solid 15 knots throughout the day and the boat flew through the water. Lunch was some sandwiches that were very nice. After lunch we continued on our merry way. At about 3pm we turned towards Broken Bay where we were going to be staying the night.

Upon getting inside the heads, there was a collective relief due to the considerably lower swell. After we had taken down our sails and moored for the night, many of us went swimming or to shore. There was some jellyfish floating around that Charlie, Emma and Tony discovered their sting. The dinner was great and we all chatted while looking out on the water. Then we all settled down for the night.

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