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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Lorien Novalis


FROM: Port Stephens TO: Sydney

DATE: 27 Oct 2017

POSITION: The Basin, Pittwater

Report by: Blue Watch

In the morning we did a knotting competition- bowline and clove hitch. We then had hot breakfast followed by a walk at Refuge Beach. After that we had another competition: backstay competition. Blue watch won every time.  We cruised around Hawkesbury River. At 12 o’clock we raised the sails and tacked ten times on our watch from 12 to 3. At around 4 o’clock we lowered the sails and moored at The Basin. We then travelled to the wharf to have a delicious BBQ. At night time we played games in the cabin and sang lots of songs. After that everyone went to bed and we stayed up to write this.

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