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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Lorien Novalis


FROM: Port Stephens TO: Sydney

DATE: 25 Oct 2017

POSITION: Newcastle Harbour

Report by: White Watch

We woke up at 0500 for anchor watch, watched the sunrise then at 0600 we polished the brass, then the ship woke up to the bugle call at 0630 and cereals were served, and in the water around us were several very large yellow finned kingfish, then we had the reef knot tying competition which red watch won after their Assistant watch leader sabotaged our watch’s chances of winning. After that we had hot breakfast of hash browns and canned spaghetti, then some of our watch performed domestic duties in cleaning the port head and shower.

The whole crew were tendered ashore to Broughton Island which we explored separately for approximately an hour after which we were tendered back to the boat and began preparations to go under sail. Today white watch’s duties were to raise the jib and staysail, but we had to help red and blue in raising the main and the foresail first and we got under full sail at 1000 hrs. After a short break we were back on watch at 1200 and we rotated around different positions on the ship while steadily sailing at a bearing of 230. During the watch we saw many pods of dolphins and also a large amount of frisky whales. Between Anna Bay and Stockton we varied course to put two reefs in the main sail, and everyone on deck had to wear a life jacket as a precaution to counter any strong winds that we predicted would hit us, but they never came. The rest of the watch was uneventful and we handed over to blue watch at 1500.

Many of our watch took a nap in this time and blue watch undid the reefs in the main sail and tacked a few times prior to the entrance to Newcastle harbour. All watches were called on deck to lower the sails and we did so around 500 metres into the harbour, then we motored along the main shipping channel and dropped anchor adjacent to the Boat Rowers hotel at Stockton. We remained on board South Passage for the evening and before dinner we had a figure of eight knot tying competition which blue watch won and red and white tied for second. We proceeded to eat our evening meal and are now on anchor watch from 2000 to 2400.

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