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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College


FROM: Newcastle TO: Port Stephens

DATE: 22 Oct 2017

POSITION: Broughton Is

Report by: White Watch

Early this morning a small group of people from white watch woke up at around 5am and completed some questions in our booklets. Once everyone in white watch woke up we started to polish the brass until it was shiny. After this we continued with breakfast and our knot tying competition. We did our Back Stay knots, which White smashed the competition and won. We also learnt the reef knot and the figure 8 knot. We also lifted the anchor the old fashioned way, with the capstan that four people pushed to lift the anchor.

Throughout the day we were moving the sails around to make sure the ship was going where we needed it to go. Our main goal was to anchor at Providence beach (Broughton Island) which we completed with time to spare. We ended up being able to go to the beach and explore.  After around an hour and a half we started to all come back. We finished off the day with another knot tying competition then a lovely dinner to finish off the day.

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