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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College


FROM: Nelson Bay TO: Newcastle

DATE: 19 Oct 2017

POSITION: Fingal Bay

Report by: White Watch

We commenced the day on the 4-8 watch, cleaning the brass and learning information about the boat. We woke up the rest of the crew at 6:30 by playing the bugle, then enjoyed a hot breakfast made by our exceptional cook Cath. After racing the other groups in the divine art of knot tying, we travelled in groups to Broughton Island and stayed at the beach, then jumped off the boat and practiced drills until lunchtime.

We set sail after a delicious lunch and made our way to Fingal Bay, which took longer than we hoped. It was very wet, windy and rough, but we were joined by a pod of dolphins who enjoyed surfing the bow wave. In order to enter Fingal Bay, the skipper decided to drop the main sail first, followed by the jib, then the foresail. When we arrived at Fingal bay, we stayed on the sand and played cards for longer than expected, because there were some difficulties contacting the crew members. We had our dinner and relaxed until our night watch began.

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