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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College


FROM: Nelson Bay TO: Newcastle

DATE: 18 Oct 2017

POSITION: Broughton Island

Report by: Blue Watch

We set our sails for the adventure across the sea. Tackling terrifying winds and huge waves in our quest to survive the harbour. Attempting to eat our lunch with the plates sliding off the tables onto ourselves. Crying not of pain but because of joy. Laughing with those laughs not many people hear and making those horribly ugly faces that are so rare you’ve never really seen yourself. Not being afraid to show your true self because we are all in the same boat, literally.

Waters, flooding the boat. Silence until one … the first of a long line up of others for the side of the boat to see their lunch again.

Whales tales and dolphins fins. Sights that you can only see once in a life time, with the best people possible. Making new friends in ways never thought, climbing over each other setting up the cabin beds and supporting each other to trying not to go over board and loose our favourite pair of pants. Learning new terms and skills that we can not only use when sailing but in other parts of life. Exploring, the dark depths of the boat such as little tunnels and meeting a little mermaid at the bow of the boat.

The exhilarating excitement of having the boat almost vertical and holding on for dear life.

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