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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Johns College


FROM: Manly TO: Coffs Harbour

DATE: 10 Oct 2017

POSITION: Peel Island

Report by: Blue Watch

We arrived at the Manly port on the 9th of October, boarded the South Passage sailing boat and were assigned our watches, we then met our watch leaders and were given our sleeping arrangements. Mr Mason and Mrs Pavez then lead us up the street where we enjoyed a dinner of our choice. After we finished our last steady dinner we climbed back on board and jumped into bed for lights out at 9.30.

We woke this morning to Tye’s loud voice at 5.00 am, two hours before we had to wake up. And all of a sudden the whole cabin was awake, vibrant and excited for a big day ahead of new experiences and sailing the high seas. At 7:30am we all got up for a cold breakfast, (cereals and juice). We chatted away about how we slept and what we were excited for today. We then enjoyed a wonderful hot breakfast (eggs and toast) cooked by our amazing cook Hugh and were off to begin our adventure.

We motored out of the William Gunn Getty and set sail. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining nice and hot and it was perfect blue skies. We learnt how to pull the sails up and how to do knots and loops to keep everything neat and safe. We started off with very little wind but as the day went by the wind came up and we were sailing rapidly fast and everyone was having so much fun! We saw so many whales and their calves. We cut the motors and came 10 meters from a mother whale and her calf, they didn’t become spooked they just stayed relaxing and sleeping on top of the surface as we all watched them in awe saying how much this beats school.

We then sailed to Moreton Island and everyone jumped off and had a swim around the boat. The water was so clear and so warm that even Mrs Pavez jumped in with everyone (after a lot of hesitation and eventually being pushed in by Luca and Tom). After our swim and lunch, we set sail again but this time in 16 knot wind and small white cap waves. We all sat outside on a heel being splashed by waves and looking for wildlife, we saw whales, 2 turtles, 1 dugong and 1 shark. We sailed till about 5 pm and then set our anchor at Peel Island where we played cards, had some rests and then had a knot competition on what group could tie the knots the fastest. After that we had another delicious dinner cooked by Hugh, and everyone settled into bed trying to get some sleep before they had to get up for night shifts.

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