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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage


FROM: Hervey Bay TO: Manly

DATE: 26 Sept 2017

POSITION: Kingfisher Bay Resort, Great Sandy Straits

Report by: White Watch

0400 hours- woke up and took compass readings, longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, depth, wind speed, the number of boats, wind direction and had hot chocolate.

0500 hours  filled out the adventure booklets and had a hot chocolate and biscuits.

0600 hours  polished brass around ship

0630 hours  whole crew woke up to the sound of a beautiful bugle

0700 to 0730 hours  ate breakfast (yummy eggs and toast made by Hugh)

0715 hours  had a knot tying competition (reef knot)

0800 hours  took up the anchor all together manually and set sail

0800 to 1200 hours  red watch took over of the ship

1200 to 1500 hours  white watch took over the ship

1500 to 1700 hours  went to Fraser Island

1700 to 2000 hours  stayed on ship, off shore from Fraser Island

It was a challenging day but we learnt how to sail the ship better than yesterday. We each had specific jobs and sailing went smoothly. There were three team challenges throughout the day; a reef knot, backstay and figure of eight knot competition. Sailing was easier than yesterday and the process of tacking seemed more efficient overall. Throughout the day we saw several turtles as well as a pod of dolphins. None were injured nor hurled over the edge of the boat feeling sick unlike yesterday.

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