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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Ormiston College


FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 16 Sept 2017

POSITION: Horseshoe Bay, Peel Is

Report by: White Watch

Today’s voyage was very successful. We explored Tangalooma and its wrecks. Many of us snorkelled near the shipwrecks as well as going to the sand dunes.

After our shore tour, we hoisted sails for the benefit and enjoyment of the people in Tangalooma. All watches united to prepare the mainsail, foresail and the headsails. Lunch was delayed as a result. Lunch for the ship was delicious hamburgers prepared by the cook, Hugh. Soon after lunch we set sail towards Peel Island. During the journey white watch was able to correctly gybe. This is one of the most dramatic movements we encounter on the ship. The wind picked up around 1-2pm which we then had to harden the sheets and drop the sails in sequence.

Once arriving at Peel Island we dropped anchor. We then had a knot tying competition for the bowline and figure of 8 knots. Blue Watch won the figure of 8 competition with Red and White both following. For the bowline competition blue was able to win again, white coming second and red last. So far the results are Blue 9 points, Red 7.5 points and White on 7 points. The competition is highly competitive with all teams still having an equal chance of winning.

Dinner consisted of sausages, mashed potatoes, beans and cabbage topped with onion gravy, which many people enjoyed. This was then followed by cheesecake for dessert.

At around 8pm nominations for command day began. Skipper, Sail Master and Navigator were all voted in by everyone on the ship. Skipper was allocated to Spiro, Sail Master to Graeme and Navigator to George and watch leaders were chosen for each group. These people will guide and lead us tomorrow on command day as we return to Manly. Zona, Alissa, Claire

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