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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230523

FROM: Rosslyn Bay to Mackay

DATE: 25 May 2023


REPORT: Blue Watch

We woke up early at 12am for our night watch where we drank hot chocolate and ate biscuits. It was very hard to keep our eyes open. At 1am we headed down to get some sleep. Caelan woke up early to watch the sunrise but to his surprise an island was blocking the view. He then proceeded to blow the bugle in the cabin to wake the crew up.

After everyone got out of bed breakfast was served, this morning it was bacon and eggs. After everyone finished Brekkie, we had knot tying contest, the knots tied were a sheet bend and a clove hitch.

We were then on our way to St Bees Island. On the way there we saw pod of dolphins that were riding the bow, it was beautiful. As the sun was setting, we arrived at St Bees Island, some people reckoned they saw the green flash as the sun set. Chicken stir fry was on the menu, it was amazing. Then we finished up with fruit salad. Dave and Libby then play some beautiful pieces on the ukulele.

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