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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Grammar School


FROM: Townsville TO: Townsville

DATE: 21 July 2017

POSITION: Trunk Reef 18o 18.2m S  146o 45.7m E

Report by: Red Watch

We left Hinchinbrook Passage this morning, and anchored for the night at a sand cay near Trunk Reef. We got out of bed at 4:00am for the morning watch, and raised anchor just as it was getting light. We motored further up the channel and then raised sails after breakfast. The second round of the knotting competition was won by red watch. We sailed till 2:00pm. Then South Passage arrived at a small coral outcrop where we went snorkelling. The first spot we tried to snorkel at was basically rocks with algae on them because the natural habitat has been polluted. On the other hand, some very adventurous boys found some great coral at a drop off. Unfortunately some people did not see the corals as they preferred to snorkel closer to the cay. Two more rounds of the knotting competition were held before dinner which was bangers and mash followed by cheesecake. Arushi, Rachel, Tin, Kara, Ayden, Max.

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