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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Chevalier College


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: 10 Dec 2017

POSITION: Refuge Bay, Broken Bay

Report by: White Watch

Neve and Seren woke up after the boys’ anchor watch from 4-5am to begin their own watch from 5-6am. They specifically wanted that watch so that they could see the sunrise. Unfortunately, this would not occur until half an hour later. Lachlan D then played an old and battered bugle to wake everyone from their deep sleep at 6:30am.

The entire team then proceeded to wake up for the first of our breakfast courses, which was composed of cereal, porridge, and juices. After a small break, during which a knot tying competition was held. Much to our disappointment, was won by the blue watch. The team then returned to have the second of the breakfast courses, creatively called ‘hot breakfast,’ as its menu was composed of scrambled eggs, baked beans, and toast.

8.30 am saw us hoisting up the anchor from the sea bed and preparing to set sail for Broken Bay. For the rest of the day, we moved between positions of flaking ropes, managing sails, our watch rotations, sleeping, and eating. Upon arriving in the bay, we were greeted by a shark sighting, as well as several large jellyfish.

We were promised a visit to solid land/a beach of sorts. After being told of a strenuous hike that would lead us to the highest point of the waterfall, we were taken via tender to the shore. After looping back on ourselves multiple times, we gave up on finding the mysterious trail. The water was cold, and much to our surprise, it was also salty. Much like our friend Tony.  

The magical Hugh made us a wonderful dinner of sausages, beans, corn, gravy, and much to the disappointment of Justin, fake mash.

When we returned, the twice-daily knot tying competition took place (which Neve aced btw.) White Watch won, obviously because they are the best team.

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