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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silkwood School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230421

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 21 April 2023

POSITION: Blakesley’s, Stradbroke Is

REPORT: White Watch

We came from Silkwood school and took a bus which took an hour and a half. Then we got on the ship and learnt to tie some knots. We also learnt how to raise the sails and the weather got very windy and we had to tack lots of times.  We came below the deck to our shared room, then we put our gear away as well as setting up our beds.

Once we were finished, we did some work on deck and we rotated between jobs such as port lookout and starboard lookout. After doing this we had a variety of meat and salad sandwiches for lunch then White Watch took their turn to keep check on the sails and deck. After a long yet fun day of taking turns in doing various activities such as changing sails and tying ropes we dropped the anchor and had a rest, we also saw a double rainbow while stopped.

After stopping the ship, we had chicken and vegetables for dinner. After dinner White Watch had to go up on deck to learn how to use a compass and to mark the bearings of the ship to make sure the ship didn’t drag positions, to do this we used a hand bearing compass. Now we are sitting at the dining table waiting to finish this report so that we can have dessert. After dessert we will go to bed, and we will be back on watch from 4-8 am.

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