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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Voyage of Friends


FROM: Cairns TO: Townsville

DATE: 25 June 2017

POSITION: Brammo Bay, Dunk Is

Report by: Red Watch

After a couple of fierce showers throughout the night and a watch from 4 am to 8 am, we were very happy to see the morning. Unfortunately the dredging boat was not so happy to see us in the middle of their dredging area with a charming “GET OUT of the WAY” as Helen and Billie were trying to polish the brass in the rain. So we moved to the wharf to top up our water tanks. Then Captain Pugwash came over in his crabbing boat to encourage us onwards too. So, after some of Cath’s excellent crepes for breakfast (which Cap’n Pugwash declined) we left peaceful Mourilyn Harbour and headed east on a starboard tack in a feisty 15 knot breeze.

The knot tying completion remains too tight to call, with white watch winning the reef knot round and blue watch winning the figure of 8 round but red watch showing their superiority by leading the competition overall.

We saw a big sea snake heading north – a rare West African variant according to Steve – and a few terns but there was no sign of Flipper. Two fine mackerel were caught by Ian before he knocked Billie from the helm when the boat tilted and he went over backwards on to her and she went over sideways on to Big Phill. Luckily no lives were lost.

The sun shone mostly as we took a long port tack into Dunk Island. Almost everyone went ashore. Those that swam kept an eye out for hungry crocodiles but all made it safely to the Sunset Beach bar. What a gorgeous place. A magnificent view of Brammo Bay to the north and some very friendly and drunken sailors (Jeff and Al).

Everyone wandered off to explore including a poke around the pristine grounds of the wrecked Dunk Island resort where some may have enjoyed a swim in the beautiful forbidden Ulysses swimming pool. Our fearless leader Red Roger tackled the mountain at a run. We all enjoyed the fantastic hot showers at the camp ground.

The day ended with a magic evening on the deck enjoying Cath’s mackerel fish-bites while our new sailor boy-friends dropped off a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Hooray for Cath and her delicious meals. Hooray for another great day of sailing on South Passage!

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