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South Passage Daily Report



FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 17 June 2017

POSITION: Vlasoff Cay

Report by: Blue Watch

This morning started off by joining our class and new peers from Townsville and Dimbulah. After saying goodbye to our parents we got assigned into out 3 watch groups – red, white & blue. The ship has 3 main areas: deck, galley and the bunks where we were sleeping. Our watch leader, Mark, familiarised us with the ship and the jib and stay sails. We were required to raise these sails on departure out of the Trinity Inlet. There was a lot of information on knots, names and ropes to take in.

Once sails were raised and we were out in the open waters we were off watch and free to roam and explore the ship. One of the highlights of the morning was harnessing up and sitting out on the bowsprit and having the waves underneath you. After a delicious lunch and a smooth sail to Vlasoff Cay, we lowered the sails as a team and anchored.

Next on the agenda was swimming and snorkelling in pristine waters surrounding the fine white sand of the Cay. We were transported by the dinghy to some of the bigger coral bombies and explored that reef. After coming back we all jumped off the boat as well as attempting the challenge of climbing the bowsprit and kissing the golden mermaid. To close the day we took the dinghy out to the Cay and roamed the sand island and played in the shallow blue waters till sundown. Overall, the best part of the day was enjoying the view and the sea breeze while sitting out on the bowsprit. Clayton & Mia

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