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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Gregory’s College


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: 05 Dec 2017

POSITION: Coasters Retreat, Broken Bay

Report by: Blue Watch

We left Newcastle with the intent to be back in Sydney by midnight but we now find ourselves in Broken Bay instead. Due to misleading weather reports, we did not account for the gale force winds we received and as such, we almost tipped the boat. We lost a number of items due to this almost disastrous event, like the balls that were on board, some of the gaskets for the mainsail and the snotter for the mainsail. We then had to lower the mainsail to avoid such an event repeating, but the very next watch found themselves lowering the jib to avoid it from tearing loose altogether.

We suffered through huge swells and strong winds that had everyone falling and stumbling around the ship, but somehow our cook Dennis managed to still cook us a sensational dinner of Chinese chicken. After the long, tiring day we now find ourselves another couple of hours away from Sydney and home.


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