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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gold Youth Fraser Island Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230114

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 18 January 2023

POSITION: Rainbow Beach

REPORT: Red Watch

Red Watch began the day with a very early start on watch from 0000-0400, anchored near White Cliffs. After finishing our navigation tasks, we spent a calm night watching the stars and the lights of Hervey Bay on deck, listening to the chorus of frogs on Fraser Island. With only a few hours of sleep under our belt, we arose at 0630 to Skipper motoring down the channel between Fraser and the mainland. Cath cooked a lovely breakfast of baked beans, scrambled eggs and toast, and then we were underway.

We later anchored at Inskip Point and went ashore – land at last – for a few hours. However, despite being distinctly told not to swim because of Irukandji jellyfish, Whips dropped the first boatload (Cooper, Bridie, Justin and Lillian) 500m offshore to wade our way to the beach. Much to everyone’s disappointment, we survived.

The Second Fleet of Claire, Jack, Callum and Aidan arrived on another part of the beach so that we didn’t have to risk being brutally attacked by the jellyfish. Claire and Jack hurried around the island in search of the missing crewmates. Unsuccessful, they picked up Myles and continued the search party in vain. They ran around the whole island military style, singing and chatting to locals. When they returned to the others… the First Fleet had somehow made it back. On the beach, we played footy, soccer, built sand people, dug holes and splashed around in the water. On the last boat trip back, Gussy and Justin saw a dolphin and its calf.

Once showered and fed, we all helped to raise the anchor to say our final farewells to Fraser Island. We prepped the sails for the treacherous crossing of the Wide Bay Bar and off we went. Nearly an hour later, we made it out the other side of the 3m swells and rollercoaster of the sandy straits. We set sail and Blue Watch did the hard work of tacking our way to Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach. Once at anchor we had a Rope Competition for the figure of eight knot, with Red and Blue Watches coming neck and neck for times, but Blue ultimately took the win. Surrounded by a stunning view, we had a splendid dinner of butter chicken followed by sticky date pudding, many thanks to Cath.

As we speak Skipper’s giving us a rundown on the ins and outs of the impending 24 hr Command Day before we hold our Leader’s Election…

Reporting back, I’d like to congratulate our new Leaders of the South Passage!

Skipper:                       Gussy (Angus)

Sailing Master:            Aidan

Navigator:                   Xavier

Watch Leaders:           Cappy (Cooper), B-Doddy (Blair) & Nicole

Tomorrow we’ll have the opportunity to explore the beaches of Double Island Point and maybe even have a well-earned swim. As we head into our 70-mile qualifying voyage, we’re going to need all the sleep we can get before we set off for Tangalooma tomorrow at 1300, so we’ll say our farewells and wish us all the best!

See you on the other side! o7

Lillian and Claire from Red Watch

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