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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Peace Lutheran College


FROM: Townsville TO: Cairns

DATE: 4 June 2017

POSITION: Haycock Is, Hinchinbrook Channel

Report by: White Watch

Ship’s company awoke at 0530 hours and set off to Orpheus Island at 0630. We motored out of Horse Shoe Bay, Magnetic Island at 0630, before raising the sails at setting off at 0700. The conditions consisted of a moderate breeze with slight swell, but clear skies for the most part. South Passage arrived at Yanks Jetty, Orpheus Island, around approximately 1300. The company then set off to the beach, to snorkel, swim and just cruise around the shore. Heading back to the boat after a short hour or two, the three watches went into a fierce knot tying competition. Today all three watches tackled the round turn and two half hitches, with Blue watch coming out on top, Red watch second and White watch just slipping into last place. The staysail and jib were then raised again, and South Passage set our course to Hinchinbrook channel, where the waters were calm and there was minimal breeze. The vessel arrived at Haycock Island and anchored off around 1915, and from here the ship’s company settled down and the day ended on a calm note.

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