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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Lukes Anglican College


FROM: Hervey Bay TO: Bundaberg

DATE: 13 May 2017

POSITION: Mackenzie Jetty, Fraser Island

Report by: Blue Watch

We woke up bright and early this morning to the excitement of knowing that today we would start our three day sail on the South Passage . We arrived in Hervey Bay at 8:30 and after a quick drink from the café, we were put into our watch groups and boarded the vessel. When aboard the vessel we were taught the basics needed to sail, such as, belaying, flaking and knot tying. Then we set up our beds and started preparing to sail.

Today Blue Watch was on the Jib Sail and Stay Sail. Due to the lack of wind our sail hoisting went quite smoothly. Unfortunately, because of this we were not travelling at very high knots and the motor was used frequently. At 11:30 we had a wonderful lunch of meat and salad rolls prepared by Cath. We then anchored at Mackenzie’s Jetty and went ashore to explore the remains of the Z Forces Army Training camp. After our small adventure, we went for a swim in the ocean and jumped off the side of the boat. Many attempts were made to do all kinds of tricks to improve our manliness, some were not so successful.

After our swim in the big blue we came back to a hot meal of chicken, rice and vegetables, with a side of gravy, followed by a delicious desert of apple pie, custard and cream. We are now sitting here, writing this report ready to start our night watch shift.

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