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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silkwood School


FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 2 May 2017

POSITION: Currigee, South Stradbroke Is

Report by: Red Watch

We awoke to the stunning spectacle of a rainbow sky. Red Watch were awake before the birds to attend our watch, taking in the beautiful views of the majestic Peel Island before sunrise.

As always we began the day with a friendly competition, today our challenge was the cheeky figure of 8 knot. After a promising start, Red Watch resumed their place at the bottom of the leader board. Our stroke of bad luck continued during the backstay competition, where White Watch were yet again victorious. Although we may have lost the competition, we were first in for breakfast!

After a brief break in duties, we embarked on our epic voyage to South Stradbroke. As we dodged the sand banks and the beacons, we endeavoured to shade ourselves from the beating sun. Many a burnt face frequented the deck of the boat. Throughout the three hours of our shift we managed to complete all of the duties multiple times, eventually mastering each position. Our shift ended early due to the boat arriving early at our destination.

We travelled to the dry shores of Stradbroke Island and immediately jumped into the sparkling water. After splashing around, we ventured on a trek to the eastern side of the island. Here we spent hours flipping, building and adventuring. We even found a couch which made for perfect photo opportunities. We then discovered an abandoned jetty and bravely leapt into the freezing waters below, before drying off to return to the boat for nice, warm showers.

After a delicious dinner, of steak and roast vegies, the ultimate arm wrestling championship commenced. Although Jaydn may be the strongest of the pack, Maddie and Blake showed persistence. A highlight of the event was Riley’s cheating antics, entertaining the crowd. We are all expecting to have sore arms tomorrow.


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