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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gold Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230103

FROM: Sydney to Manly

DATE: 9 January 2023

POSITION: Horseshoe Bay, Peel Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

After a rigorous night, filled with night sailing and swells that knocked the entire ship around for hours on end. The crew was awoken to start our daily routine of waking up at the hour of 12am, to a beautiful sail under the full moon peeking through the cloudy skies. We travelled at 9-8 knots. During the early hours, we bravely took to steering the helm under the darkened skies.

While ensuring all members of our watch where attentively observing both the starboard and port sides, we were able to witness some ‘once in a lifetime’ things, such as the bioluminescent algae washing the glorious backs of the dolphins. The gorgeous moon was a guiding light for the brave helms people, guiding ‘South Passage’ forward bound for the Queensland Border, which many adult and youth crew members eagerly calculated our arrival to the Gold Coast city skyline.

Once the vessel had streaked passed the Gold Coast, we entered the Stradbroke area where we saw houseboats and jet skies with varying degrees of decadency. Once we passed the 300 mangrove islands, we sailed through the canals, marking the green buoys on our ‘on-ship’ map, where the crew was able to calculate our arrival time at Peel Island.

We were given the rare opportunity to exit the vessel and board the tiny canvas dinghy that would take us to the island surrounded by clear blue waters, filled with all types of marine plants and life. Once the youths had played a competitive game of throwing the volleyball within the waters, a few of us lay on the sand and took in all the Queensland sun. For one of the first times in a week, we were able to see other humans, this was an interesting ‘re-entering into society’ experience.

After a glorious afternoon on the beach of Peel Island, we headed back to the ship, for an evening of sitting on the bow of the vessel taking in all the amazing surroundings. After an amazing dinner… the members of the youth crew decided to braid some of the male members hair into intricate updos, that where well documented by some of the staff. After all the nights fun we all headed to bed, early as always, to again awaken for another day full of fun onboard South Passage.

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