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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gold Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230103

FROM: Sydney to Manly

DATE: 7 January 2023

POSITION: Coffs Harbour

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

On the 6th we set sail from Port Stephens and anchored at Broughton Island for lunch. Everybody got FOMO and went onto the island beach to swim, and we saw random people and pretended they didn’t exist, except for Lily who talked to them and had a cute convo. Reilly started building stick tepees, others got dumped by waves. It was good for the 20 minutes we were in the water and safe from blood sucking flies. Riddles being dealt out by Tia, RJ and Reilly befuddled all, especially Cameron (JFK). Cam couldn’t find how many butterflies were being caught. Or if it was open or closed.

Then we went back and sailed for literally so long… the moon and the sun were up (?) at the same time but we couldn’t see either because of the clouds. We sailed through the night and learnt a lot about communal sleeping and daytime naps (absolutely knocked out).

The weather was being a moody angsty teenager as it would give an actual torrential dump of rain before showing nice clear skies. If you went up on deck without a raincoat it was bound to rain because the skies were committed to making us wet. Conversely, when you went out with a raincoat the rain would stop.

This was the first time we had actually worked in the night; it was trippy. Sleep was tumultuous just like the waves of seasickness experienced by practically anyone aboard.

On the morning of the 7th at the crack of sparrow’s fart Blue Watch was on the helm, watching the sun rise. We continued sailing until Coffs Harbour where we finally kissed the solid ground, jumped with joy at our cold, almost dead phones in our hands and topped up on snacks and sea sickness drugs.

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