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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Gregory’s College


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: 04 Dec 2017

POSITION: Stockton Reach, Newcastle Harbour

Report by: Blue Watch

We woke at 4:00 AM this morning for our anchor watch and after writing our report we stayed up to get our knots ready for the knot tying competition. We were to tie a bowline knot and our training paid off with our first win in the competition. After the competition we had hot breakfast made by the one and only sensational man, Dennis. He cooked up a storm for us containing bacon and eggs on toast.

After that we set sail towards Newcastle where we would call our final destination of the trip. On the way we went through rain, massive waves and even saw some dolphins. We commenced on several hours of gybing towards Newcastle within very poorly estimated time by the whole crew. After arriving at Newcastle we put down anchor and stayed the night.

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