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South Passage Daily Report

VOYAGE: Northern Beaches Scouts             

VOYAGE NO:   20221218       

DATE: 20th December 2022              

POSITION: Shoal Bay, Port Stephens           

REPORT BY:  Blue Watch

The day started with a beautiful bugle that rose the sun as well as our minds. At 6:30am, we woke up to a delicious breakfast of hashbrowns, toast and spaghetti mix. We started to sail soon after and within an hour and a half we arrived at the Northern beach of Broughton Island. Here we were relieved from our many industrious duties as we went off the boat to the beach. The crew had a joyous play in the waters and embarked on a relaxing walk to explore the island. When back on the boat we were back to our duties, and we went to sail back to Shoal Bay. On the way back some tourists (dolphins) really wanted to say hi to the famous South Passage. Both of us, the South Passage crew, and the dolphins were both deeply excited to see each other. When the dolphins had left, we had finally arrived at our destination, Shoal Bay, where we will rest until the next day begins once again with the majestic sound of the bugle.

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