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South Passage Daily Report

VOYAGE: Northern Beaches Scouts 

VOYAGE NO:   20221218       

DATE: 19th December 2022              

POSITION: Shoal Bay, Port Stephens           

REPORT BY:  Red Watch                   

Viewer discretion advised

The day began with the sun smiling down on us from the lovely grey sky. Our breakfast was cereal, and it was simply divine followed by a delectable meal of beans, eggs and toast which made us positively grin with glee. We began by setting the boat up and then left from the basin on our long and laborious voyage. The seas were rough, and the sun beat down on us. Sickness slowly took hold of the crew one by one . The healthy crew members began dropping like flies. For lunch we enjoyed a carefully prepared meal of exquisite burgers that dabble in the arts. Throughout our hardships and troubles, we continued and reached Port Stephens at 1830 hours. We settled down in Shoal Bay and began to labour away at the sails, bringing them down one by one. Our dinner for the night were some juicy sausage, gravy and mashed potatoes, the smell of which made our mouths salivate with incredible speed. We had an enjoyable dessert of some beautifully grown fruit which were handpicked with love and coated in a thick layer of creamy custard and cream. The end?

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