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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Saint Stephens College


FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 6 April 2017


Report by: Blue Watch

We woke up this morning to a very pleasant sight of a pod of dolphins circling our ship. We rode the tender at full speed with Chloe’s steering, and while we were on the shore, there were loads of starfish. We even found a four-legged starfish and the blue watch legends hurled them back into deeper water. We all went snorkelling while people threw bread in the water and the fish surrounded us. The fish came so close that they started biting at our snorkelling goggles. Hardus managed to take a selfie with a fish that seemed to be intrigued by the GoPro.

Grant, Chloe, Eckard and Alex all took up the challenge of kissing the mermaid; and to no surprise, failed. After that, we sailed up to North Point where we saw many bait balls along the way and rocked up and down with the waves. On the way back to Tangalooma, after seeing all the bait balls, we decided to throw out some fishing lines but to no avail. Not before long, we had to pull in the lines as we were about to sail through some big waves, that almost broke over us. Despite the horrific tragedy of running out of bananas for snacking, the watch managed to muster the remains of our energy to finish our watch on deck.

The legend of the sea, Dennis, cooked up a mean burrito for lunch. After yet another interesting knot tying contest, Hardus and Elise invented the sacred reef necklace, so fashionable, which demonstrated the new friendships that has grown so much within the watch. Sailing back to Tangalooma, a few unfortunate blue watch members were soaked when the boat took an unexpected plunge into intense waves of the sea.

Dinner was an expected success and appreciated as always. However, it was the sharing of various winks that ended in horrific failures that made the blue watch’s night. Chloe tried out her brand new sleeping bag which turned out to be a massive sumo suit; she didn’t fit. Walking down the stairs was a humorous sight to see! So reflecting back on all we have done, sitting around the galley table whilst drinking hot chocolate with strangers who now became friends, we enjoy our last night on the boat with good memories and stale biscuits.

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