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South Passage Daily Report

VOYAGE: Northern Beaches  Scouts

VOYAGE NO:   20221218       

DATE: 18th December 2022              

POSITION: Coasters Retreat             

REPORT BY: White Watch

  • Where we came from
  • What we did
  • What we enjoyed

We started today’s journey in Darling Harbour Sydney. We had mixed weather but mostly rain. Some people felt seasick due to the violent rocking of the boat and some even fell and grazed their knee due to the violent rocking of de boat. Even though it was a little scary , it was quite exciting to sail through large waves while the wind and rain swirled down. Our group (white) oversaw the main sail, and we put it up after we left the dock. We also rotated roles on the deck, such as, keeping watch of any objects on each side of the boat and steering the boat. After sailing up the coast we made it into the Broken Bay which has calmer weather, and we went to the beach and played some games. Something that our group enjoyed was eating dinner because it was interesting to eat below decks.

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