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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Gregory’s College


FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: 03 Dec 2017

POSITION: Refuge bay, Broken Bay

Report by: Red Watch

Thomas: Myself and my team mates woke up at 4 am this morning it was sensational to take care of our daily duties which finished at 8am it was sensational, it was a peaceful and sunny morning without any rain. Dennis our chef on board cooked a feed that was just sensational hash browns and spaghetti on toast. We took part in our daily knot tying competition and came 2nd it was sensational. Our watch started at 12 pm and finished at 3pm which by that time we had already made it to the sensational Broken Bay heads. The sail over there was windy topping at 7 knots. When we arrived we jumped off the boat into deadly waters, we then made our way to the beach which led to an intense game of cricket, myself and 2 other people had a cracker of game and easily scored over 200 runs. By this time 3 people including myself were sunburnt, clearly not making the right decisions besides eating Dennis’s food which by the way was sensational.

Late in the evening our group was first on watch sadly enough no fish were caught, but we did however get hot chocolate… sensational. We found our position to make sure that we didn’t drift away and could find our way home if needed, all up its been good so far because no got sea sick today. Sensational day all round. In the morning we had a rope tying comp and red won .Sensationally. We then sailed from Manly to Broken Bay and stopped at Refuge cove. That was even more sensational. We then went ashore and played in the water and went on a trek walk. That was bloody sensational. As usual Denis’s food was sensational and was the best food to keep everyone going.

Brendan: Today me and our group woke up at 4 to clear the brass sections on the back of the boat, this job did not take very long and was fun to do, after this we were able to wake the others in the ship by blowing the bugle, when the rest of the ship awoke we started the day, the groups have a knot tying test where due to my great luck and mistakes we finished second. The boat then had breakfast which was very nice, from 12 to 3 the red crew captained by Jack Burns took control of the ship and rotated around the parts, changing between look outs on port and starboard side, deck check and finally having a go at the helm for 15 mins, when we reached Refuge Cove where everyone got out of the boat and went swimming, when we got back on the boat we got changed and had a second Knot tying competition where we came 1st, we then had dinner which was GREAT,  I am now typing these words at 10.22 PM, Bye.

Harrison: Today, I woke up at 6:00 am to work on the brass sections of the ship. We then had breakfast which was sensational. I then went back to bed to rest for most of the day as I was feeling rather off, not sensational. I came up around 2:30pm to catch some sun and help pull the ship into Broken Bay. At Broken Bay we swam for a while and then we had a rope tying competition which are group came first in, sensational. Then we had dinner and I am now completing the night shift.


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