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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190805

FROM: Townsville To: Townsville

DATE: 14 August 2019


REPORT BY: Group C Red Watch

We woke up at about 8am and had a pretty good breaky of hot chocolate and a variety of cereal. After that we packed up everything for the last time ever as it is our final school camp. Then we hopped onto a ferry that took us back to the mainland. We took a quick bus ride to another boat that took us to the magnificent South Passage.

Our eager group jumped from the boat to the ship and we began to sail. Everyone had different jobs and we were definitely kept busy. We were having a feed when a mother whale and her calf put on a show that consisted of tale flipping and breaching.

Before night fell we anchored near Palm Island and watched the breath-taking sunset. Then we had an incredible dinner cooked by the ships amazing cook, Hugh. After our pants all felt a little bit tighter, we saw a shooting star while star-gazing. It is currently 9pm which is our curfew so peace out until next time. Sophia and Leah

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