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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Ormiston College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190920

FROM: Manly To: Manly

DATE: 21 September 2019

POSITION:  Horseshoe Bay, Peel Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

We woke at an early hour to check the position of the ship. After completing the night watch from 4 – 6am the whole team from white watch gathered to polish the brass. The crew was then woken and our cold breakfast was served. Each watch then gathered on the main part of the deck to begin the knot tying contest. The knot that was needed to be tied was a reef knot and the red team took a clear win. All the groups then funnelled through the galley to collect their hot breakfast which was scrambled eggs and baked beans. Each watch then assumed their role in the cleaning process and got ready for the day ahead.

People climbed aboard the little dinghy which ferried us to the beach and back. From there people were taken to snorkel through the shipwrecks that were used as an artificial reef. On the beach people ran up the sand dunes struggling their way to the top. People then were taken back to South Passage and prepared to set off on a day of sailing.

With a group effort each member contributed to manually raise the anchor. On track for Peel Island, each watch learned and completed multiple gybes. At the end of the day the sails were lowered and we anchored just off Peel Island in Horseshoe bay.

Another knot tying contest was held with a figure eight being the knot tied and red team won the competition yet again. Dinner was then served and as the night progressed each watch was completed and the crew just gathered in the main cabin discussing the highlights of the day.

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