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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Ormiston College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190920

FROM: Manly To: Manly

DATE: 22 September 2019

POSITION:  Big Sandhills, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Today started off with a fast paced knot tying competition in which the Red watch came out victorious, yet again. We all had a scrumptious breakfast and then went for a nice refreshing, swim. Some decided to go for a swan dive off the ship, others decided to go for accidental crab hunting on the beach.

At about 9:30, the crew commenced raising the sails and hoisting the anchor. Red watch was in charge on the jib and staysail, which took tremendous effort from all involved. White and Blue watches raised the fore and main sails. The crew had delicious burritos for lunch that were devoured within minutes.

Red watch then began their official watch, the watch included many tacks as the skipper wanted to test our skills for the coming day, as we would have no help from the skipper and his team. While on watch, some members spotted a turtle and most saw the two whales as they breached near the ship. The day ended on a good note, as the new crew formed for tomorrow’s test.

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