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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Johns College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191015

FROM: Manly To: Coffs Harbour

DATE: 16 October 2019

POSITION:  Currigee, South Stradbroke Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

The day started with an early morning watch commencing at 0400, which John supervised for an hour until 3 members of the watch clocked on at 0500. Between the hours of 0500 & 0600 John gave us a lesson in navigational buoys and markers, John explained the difference between Australia and America and how they operate under different systems. The brass cleaning kit came out at 0600 and the cleaning began, firstly with the wheel, bell and finally the doorway.

The bugle sounded at 0630 and all staff and students arose from a peaceful sleep, cold breakfast was served. The anchor was manually lifted by the students which was quite tedious as it was stuck in the Moreton Bay Mud. The skipper kicked the engine over and assisted in the anchor retrieval. A hot breakfast of hash browns and spaghetti was enjoyed by all.

Motoring commenced around 0715 whereby the course was set for Currigee, South Stradbroke Island. The watch concluded at 0800 whereby some team members had a nap and others hung out on deck. Another watch commenced at 1200, this watch was short lived as we reached Currigee by 1230.

The skipper anchored the ship and lowered the dinghy for Robyn to take the students and staff ashore. Whilst on South Stradbroke students enjoyed snorkelling, touch football and swimming. Students and staff trekked east across the island and arrived on the ocean side of the island.

All students and staff were back on board by 1430. John and the watch leaders taught a reef knot and announced there would be a competition commencing around 1500. Another competition occurred whereby the team members of each watch had to tighten and loosen the foresail and mainsail back stays. This was won by blue watch after some questionable judging decisions. After the completion of the back stay competition the figure 8 knot relay was completed, the fastest time being 14 seconds. Dinner was served at 1800, dinner was bangers and mash. White watch then commenced its last watch of the day at 2000.


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