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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Philips Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191020

FROM: Coffs Harbour To: Port Stephens

DATE: 20 October 2019

POSITION:  Trial Bay

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We sprung from our bunks in excitement in wonder of what the rest of the day would have in store for us. We got dressed and rustled ourselves up some brekkie (well at least Hugh did). We were then taught the basics of sailing the ship and were taught some new knots. We as blue team of course finished with an abundance of time because we are obviously the superior team.

We lathered on some sunscreen and then set off on our adventure. We were battling against the wind on our mission to hoist the sails. Our hair was flying everywhere, the sails were flapping in the wind and we were ducking for cover because of the boom soaring through the air. We were gripping onto the ropes and pulling them as tight as we could to ensure that the Jib was secure. The waves were colliding against the ship forcing us to jolt forward and skim across the deck. The water that had just invaded our ship was escaping from beneath us and we had to get straight back and continue to tackle the ropes.

After hours of hard work, we had finally reached our destination of Trial Bay. Here was where we dropped anchor and had our knot tying competition and dinner. After the days ordeals we were all stuffed and all wanted to go to bed and rest and prepare ourselves for the next day’s adventures.

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