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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity Anglican School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190720

FROM: Cairns To: Townsville

DATE: 21 July 2019


REPORT BY: White Watch

This morning we were woken up by the bugle played by Luke, followed by breakfast which was cereal and scrambled eggs made by the master chef, Hugh. You might even say his kitchen rules. We set sail soon after, spending the day and night sailing to Dunk Island. Throughout the day we saw dolphins, turtles, caught 3 mackerel we also had a go at steering the ship and navigating. The wind picked up at midday and we had a great time as the boat started to lean over.

The sun set but we were still 2 hours from our anchorage at Dunk Island so we sailed into the night finally arriving at 10 pm. The white watch crew stayed up, packing the ship up for the night while blue and red watches were in bed. We sailed 57nm, tacking our way down to Dunk Island. The wind left us as we approached the island dropping our speed to 4 knots.

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