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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190715

FROM: Townsville To: Cairns

DATE: 17 July 2019

POSITION: Mourilyan Harbour

REPORT BY: Red Watch

As red watch laboured into the approaching dawn, polishing brass and dutifully attending our respective logbooks; enticed by the beauty a partial eclipse of the moon we knew a different and exciting day was ahead of us.

Once again, the aromas from the galley and the haunting tunes of the bugle, rose the sleeping scurvy white and blue watch layabouts from their bunks, beginning day 3 of our adventures aboard the South Passage.

Following our Red Watch fearless leader, Roger set off on a cracking pace on the discovery of new lands of Dunk Island and all it had to offer. With our survival supplies gathered, (leftover cold snags, hash browns and assorted fresh fruit) we gathered at the sacred lookout Kootaloo, for a few selfies. After a few sausage cigars and bad Humphrey Bogart impersonations, we set off again in search of bountiful lands. While the crew separated at the crossroads of Sweaty Path and Romance Lane. Midday arrived, all who needed swam and showered and escorted by our trusty skipper back to the South Passage A-la-carte restaurant for yet again another incredible feast by the cultured cuisine creating Sir Hugh.

A delightful afternoon of sailing followed both under motor and sail heading for our evening destination of Mourilyan Harbour, surrounded by blue skies 10 knots of wind, reef on both sides, weaving through islands and the delight of seeing hump back whales passing through alongside us.

After securing down, our hungry (again) gaze cast itself around the many fishing vessels in the surrounding harbour with the thought of procuring the longed for seafood delights that were so far unattainable. A foray by the brave skipper and his two delightful and alluring deckhands, finally obtained the bounty of fresh prawns to the cheers of joy and satisfaction from the rest of the crew. With mouths watering, the ever watchful eyes of the honourable Hugh, kept watch then quickly stashed them away for tomorrow’s feast of prawn cocktails followed by Surf n turf. (Never mind the delightful and alluring vegetarian).

With the excitement of our bounty beginning to ebb, our bellies full with Stir-fry meal that could have originated from the foreign lands themselves, wash up completed, the crew finally drifted to their bunks with rumours rife of an early rise.

Again, as the full moon bathes us in her glory, Red Watch is on duty, endlessly ensuring the security and safety of our beloved South Passage, her skipper and her crew.


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