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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190715

FROM: Townsville To: Cairns

DATE: 16 July 2019


REPORT BY: White Watch

6am woke to the rendition on the Bugle by Vanessa, which Michael remarked was akin to Elephant with laryngitis. Cold breakfast, then lifted anchor and enjoyed hot breakfast by Chef Hugh and set off for Hinchinbrook Channel. Peter spotted whale “blows” to starboard just off Orpheus Island. Sailed past longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere measuring 5.6km at Lucinda which when constructed engineers were required to factor in the curvature of the earth.

Upon rounding the jetty into the channel, snub-nosed dolphins were spotted. Entering the passage all on board were awed by the natural beauty of the rainforest meeting the ocean and cliffs going up into the mountains with a waterfall. Contemplated the life of early nautical explorers as we passed each channel marker. To the disappointment of Suanne no crocodiles were spotted, after closer inspection of several suspect logs and palm fronds.

Enjoyed Hugh’s hamburgers for lunch. On the port coastal side views of Port Hinchinbrook and Cardwell. As we left the channel heading north to Dunk Island, breeze appeared allowing for the slight sheeting out of sails and short periods of motor free sailing. Arrived at Dunk Island at 4pm to which the crew disembarked to explore the island. A couple of intrepid adventurers jumped off the jetty to swim to the boat, and attempt, to the entertainment of all, to unsuccessfully kiss the mermaid. The two intrepid adventurers also presented to the Skipper with two specially selected sprouting coconuts.

A beautiful sunset with simultaneous rising of the full moon was enjoyed along with traditional bangers and mash for dinner, followed by sticky date pudding for dessert. Light winds for night watch with a little swell to help rock all of to sleep.


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