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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Youth School Holiday Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190707

FROM: Cairns To: Townsville

DATE: 10 July 2019

POSITION: Cape Richards

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

State of origin night. At this very moment the tension between the NSW crew and the QLD supporting scum can be cut with a knife. The day’s trials and tribulations have been long forgotten except by us, those who are writing this report.

The day began without the morning bugle as it did on the prior mornings, instead being replaced by Dakoda’s voice “Cockadoodle doo, get up”. We enjoyed the regular cereal and porridge for breakfast, just enough to allow us to power through the rope tying competition. Unfortunately the best team came second, due to unfair wind conditions and slippery knots possibly placed by the red team.

After the rigged competition, the watches inhaled the bacon and eggs as if it was the last breakfast they would ever eat (and after last night, this possibility was forefront in the crews mind). We then started our 10 hour journey towards the goal of Cardwell, to pick up bread rolls and lollies, thrown over to the ship from the jetty, with money being passed back in exchange.

“During this sailing dark heavy clouds glided across the sky like dragons made of mist. Their vaporous winds extended so as to completely obscure the sun.” – Thais

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