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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Cairns School Holiday Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190702

FROM: Cairns To: Cairns

DATE: 4 July 2019

POSITION: Green is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

We woke up at Sudbury reef and started our day with the bugle and reef knot tying and backstays competitions. After some organisation, everyone took the dinghy over to the sand bank. Time was spent snorkelling, swimming and having fun. The picturesque landscape was background to many photos, even though storm clouds were brewing. The ‘fun fact’ for the day was: Did you know that the human eye is the most complicated part of the body. Even after getting drenched with sea water.

After returning to the boat, the sails were prepared and we set sail for Green Island. At an average of 10 knots, the course was broad reach and we were flying. Since it was two peoples’ birthday today, cake was shared, although some nameless soul was asleep. The last full day sailing was one to remember.

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