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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190622

FROM: Cairns To: Cairns

DATE: 23 June 2019

POSITION: Fitzroy Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

Three people from white watch woke up at 4 am in the morning and did anchor watch. We learned how to use the compass and we saw the sun rise. Then when everyone was up we pulled up the anchor the old fashioned way (with the capstan), we then started our sailing day by charting a course to Fitzroy Island. During the voyage we tacked quite a bit and did lots of work on our watch.

Toward the end of the day some kids from White watch went on the bow sprit. That was a great deal of fun. When we were close enough to our destination White watch had to take down the jib and staysail. Then we anchored and went ashore to swim and snorkel for the remainder of the day until the sun went down. We finished the day with dinner of bangers and mash which was superb. Hugh has definitely set the bar very high.

All in all the day was an absolute success, heaps of fun and we learned some new skills.




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