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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Sail Trek Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190609

FROM: Townsville To: Cairns

DATE: 11 June 2019

POSITION: Cape Richards, Hinchinbrook Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

A most exciting day commenced with the rubbing of the brass. However one crew member was heard to say “Why the hell did I get woken at 6.00 to do this! We have all day to do it.” Jo then gave everyone a beautiful rendition of an original composition on the bugle as a call to arms. The only way was up after that – except when Linda tripped on the step out of the galley and replicated her schoolyard knee grazes. The vegetarian diet of baked beans, refried beans and lentils has also had consequences for everyone.

The most competent watch on the ship performed an excellent raising of the sails, followed by a knot tying lesson. Red watch showed their amazing skills in conquering three different knots. We then headed to Hinchinbrook Island. Our original landing plans had to be aborted due to rough weather and we had to find an alternative spot to disembark via the little red boat. Our departure from the ship was also delayed by a visit from the Marine Park authorities!

Once safely on the island we headed off to exotic climes (well – a relatively short walk to a waterhole), Most of the company enjoyed a refreshing dip, and our resident sun goddess improved her tan. A few of the more intrepid members of the group extended the walk to obtain views of Zoe bay. Even our resident pirate eventually succumbed to wearing shoes rather than his multi-purpose scuffs. The end of the walk required a tentative wait close to the mangroves with all of us conscious of the crocodiles warning sign. The intrepid explorers then took it in turn to wade through the waters at great personal risk (particularly in light of the fact that every movement in the water appeared to resemble a crocodile). Once transported back to the ship, a few lucky souls were fortunate enough to witness a tender moment between our pirate and our resident guru in drag (much to everyone’s amusement).

The day still had not ended! We hoisted the sails and set off yet again witnessing a beautiful setting sun on the way to anchor at Cape Richards on the northern end of Hinchinbrook. It was dark by the time that we dropped sail and ate another delicious dinner provided by the lovely Cath. Our excellent watch leader sustained us through the last watch with the help of chocolate. Can’t wait for bed.


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