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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Flexible Learning

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190604

FROM: Airlie Beach To: Townsville

DATE: 6 June 2019

POSITION: Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Today on South Passage Red Watch had an interesting day, some of us were feeling sick the rest were fine. We came second in the knotting competition and had three busy watches and were very long too. We all had lots of fun this week and are excited to go home tomorrow. We all saw dolphins, stingray, turtles, jumping tuna and small fish at Gloucester island beach. People were jumping off the boat into the ocean to go for a swim.

Each person had a turn at steering the ship. We all took turns at different points on the ship like starboard, port look out, standby look out, helm, standby helm. Weather was good but bad at the same time was rough at some points. Cath is an amazing cook and we all like her marinated chicken legs and her stir-fry was really good. The burritos were our favourite dish for lunch and we are looking forward to pancakes for breakfast tomorrow morning.

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