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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Flexible Learning

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190604

FROM: Airlie Beach To: Townsville

DATE: 5 June 2019

POSITION: Cape Upstart

REPORT BY: White Watch

In the morning we woke up early to write in our booklets, it was around 4am in the morning that the first person had to wake up. After the first person was done with their booklet the second person was woken up, so on and so on, eventually all of White Watch was woken up and wrote in their booklets. In the morning at 6.30am was when we woke everyone up. Everyone was awake and had to get to the top deck and start working. Our first job of the day was to polish brass, for those people who hadn’t woken up on time from 6.30 am was woken up at 7 am, some people did not have the power and will to wake up.

Afterwards all the polishing was finished our next job was to pull up the anchor, there were people on the manual handled Anchor, we were to pull up the Anchor and pass on our jobs to the other people so that everyone got a turn on pulling the anchor up. Right after we had a small rest and began a knot tying competition, white watch won the knot tying competition, it was the reef knot. We had breakfast after all our hard work, and eventually we put the sails up, we hit the road and sailed for a while and saw dolphins and turtles reaching out for air.

We found our way to the next island and set down the Anchor and pulled down the sails, we had an option to stay on the boat and or go on land, which was an easy choice for most people as we set off to go onto the beach. We spent most time at the beach messing around and eventually found our way back on board the boat. We all had a bit of rest and then went inside the sleeping area to do another knot tying competition won a third time in a row. Eventually after all the hassle we had dinner and cleaned our dishes. We are spending the night at the island we stopped at and are now doing our booklets.

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