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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Emerald Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190527

FROM: Rosslyn Bay To: Airlie Beach

DATE: 31 May 2019

POSITION: Butterfly Bay, Hook Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

White Watch started the day off with a 0400-0800 watch, the rest of the groups where woken up at 06:30. At 08:30 we departed the boat in the little dingy for a 200 m trip to Whitehaven Beach, one of the top 10 beaches in world. It is also 98% white sand (squeaks when you walk on it) after about two hours at the beach we then got ready to sail.

Once we where under way, the wind picked up to around 20 knots and the ship was lurching like crazy and most of the deck crew got wet due to spray from the side of the boat as the ship was rocking so much the rails where close to the water. The adventurous kids enjoying every moment. As that was happening, down below Lauren had been flung across the boat and ended up her hitting her head. “I’m perfectly fine”, she says while she also chucked up a nice lunch (sea sick, with a good bruise on her head).

We arrived at Maureen Bay at about 14:30 hours. After arriving in Maureen Bay, we lowered the sails and got ready to go for a swim/snorkel over the fringing reef. Then we came back up on deck and motored around the corner to Butterfly Bay.

Once we dropped the anchored we all came up on deck and had our daily knot tying comp before Hugh’s famous chicken stir-fry for dinner. We then had a group meeting to discuss who we would choose to be our skipper, sail master and navigator for Command Day, the next day when we run the boat on our own. After this we soon settled down to bed but not until we had some competitive card playing. PS: Lauren really is fine.

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