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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Emerald Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190527

FROM: Rosslyn Bay To: Airlie Beach

DATE: 27 May 2019


REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Last night we arrived by bus from Emerald at Keppel Bay Marina and boarded the ship. With a six thirty start this morning, we had breakfast and set out to learn about how to raise the sails to set out on our journey. As a team we worked together with all hands on deck to finally raise the sail. Throughout the day we participated in various rotations acquiring the knowledge we would need to know about sailing.

In the evening we anchored at Pearl Bay and had a rope competition for which team could tie the quickest round turn and two half hitches knot. Blue, being the better team, won. Then we had dinner and at eight we started our anchor watch. All three watches will take turns to look after the ship during anchor watch. Tomorrow morning we will swim off the ship after another knot competition. Then we head north towards the Whitsundays.



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