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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Lukes Anglican School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190518

FROM: Hervey Bay To: Bundaberg

DATE: 19 May 2019

POSITION: Watumba Lagoon, Fraser Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

We had begun our first watch of the day at 4 o’clock. During which we took measurements of wind speed, wind direction, barometer, depth, clarity of weather, light anchor, time and the position (Latitude and Longitude).

White watch proceeded to help with washing up and cleaning of the bathrooms. Afterwards we were given instructions by our Watch Leader and Bosun on the whereabouts of our team’s location. We then proceeded to bring the anchor up and clean it by using the water pump. We made sail and had a brief shower of rain. A jacket blew overboard and was hastily collected by the crew after a few tacks. Once the rain cleared up we rescued a pink plastic flamingo from the waves.

We were put on our second watch at 1200 to later end at 1500. We steered past Moon Point and anchored between Coongul Point and Arch Cliff. Some of the crew were taken to shore and swum followed by a quick swim off the ship. Some managed to kiss the mermaid. We then took up anchor and set sail for Central Platypus Bay where we were to drop anchor for the night. A fun night of entertainment was enjoyed by all, before going back on watch at 2000 to finish at 2400.



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