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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Lukes Anglican School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190518

FROM: Hervey Bay To: Bundaberg

DATE: 18 May 2019

POSITION: McKenzies Jetty, Fraser Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We arrived at the ship and had a safety brief, looked around the ship and were put into groups. We then left the port, setting up sails and sheets, tacking while driving the ship and learned how to tie the halyard. We then did the group jobs – looking after the ship.

We ate good food, especially bananas and apples, during our breaks followed by talking to other groups. We continued doing our group jobs, and visited Fraser Island by a dinghy taking us to shore. Had a rope tying contest followed by dinner with dessert. We learnt about navigational and wind devices, how to use them and recorded the data. Wrote in our notebooks and went to bed. Devon and Stephan



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