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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190422

FROM: Gladstone To: Brisbane

DATE: 22 April 2019

POSITION: Pancake Creek

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Today marks the start of the return trip from the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race. After celebrating our second place position with pizza at the dock last night we left Gladstone and started to make way to Pancake Creek. Passing the cargo ships and getting past the tugboats, we hoisted the sails and took up watch.

There was plenty of tacking to get out of Gladstone into open water; strong winds and big waves met us head on and we took the challenge. Tacking on a heel and with waves coming over the front of the boat was all part of the fun and made the arrival into Pancake Creek a sweet sight.

Shortly after arrival we caught a tender ride into shore and made the trek up to the Bustard Head lighthouse. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the light house keeper in his famous chair. Quickly running up and back down the lighthouse we then made our way back to the beach for our tender ride back to the ship. Chicken legs for dinner with a serving of UNO between the crew rounded off a good start to our voyage back to Brisbane.

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