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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Saint Stephens College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20190408

FROM: Manly To: Manly

DATE: 8 April 2019

POSITION: Horseshoe Bay, Peel Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Today was something different, needless to say. It was an early start, with most of us arriving at 8:00 and starting our voyage after a safety briefing. The students were set into three different “watches.” We happened to be blue watch, the greatest watch (clearly). Our watch consisted of six members (Jack, Jordan, Jess, Cooper, Kristy and Anna).

The ship was quite different to what we imagined. It is quite a small space, and nothing is private. There were plenty of stuff to do; gaze at the sky, go for a swim, kiss the mermaid on the front of the ship (with a bribe of chocolate of course), lose a knot tying contest, and even relax in the bowsprit! One of our watch members, Jack, was absolutely entranced by the fruit there was on board, especially the mandarins.

We sailed for a few hours, got a hang of the ropes (literally and figuratively) and went to shore. We decided to swim to shore… which was WAY too far away… FUN! On our watch, we were laboured until our bones broke (not actually). Instead of being mentally and physically destroyed, we got to watch for obstacles in the way, steer the ship, enter the creepy chain locker which was hotter than the sun and once again learn some more knots.

The cook was a legend, and made the greatest food we had ever tasted. The skipper was incredible too, sometimes getting us with a joke or two like, “There’s a whale!” (There wasn’t !). When we hoisted and lowered the sails, we had to remember to not get rope burn, and instead let the rope go little by little. Since we’re on blue watch, we have the anchor watch, which means that from 20:00 to 24:00 we have to make sure that the ship doesn’t move while at anchor. And that was our first day on the South Passage sailing ship.

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