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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Hills Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20171218

FROM: Sydney TO: Sydney

DATE: 20th December 2017

POSITION: Hole in Wall, Jervis Bay

REPORT BY : Red Watch

Today we had a more relaxed and chilled out day then the previously, where we sailed around Jervis Bay after lunchtime. The red watch had an early start from 4am where a few of our members took the liberty to get up and take the early morning watch as they watched and enjoyed the early sunrise. The rest of red watch got up at 6am and received a polishing lesson from the watch leader Tony, the watch polished the helm and a few other parts of the ship and then one of our members was given the privilege to blow the morning bugle which they did with their ‘best’ efforts. Breakfast was served thereafter with Hugh serving another delicious meal of spaghetti and hash browns alongside the regular toast, cereal and juice.

After our breakfast all the watches were taken out to the nearby beach by the tender where we had a quick swim in the cold water, played an NFL game on the beach appallingly and played some beach volleyball without a net. We spent a good amount of time at the beach but soon everyone was beginning to get a bit cold and so we were all taken back to the ship were we could dry off. Many of us then cramped up in the main bunkroom waiting in a long line to take a quick shower and get changed. All the watches the took part in a competition to see which watch could do the fastest backstays, the competition was fast and put everyone under lots of pressure. However, the red watch found to be victorious (yay!) and so we all received a Freddo frog each for our efforts.

We then were either taken ashore by Tim in the tender or swam there ourselves. We spent around an hour swimming/on the beach throwing the ball around. Around the time that Tim started taking people back to the ship on the tender, the wind and therefore the waves began to pick up. This made picking people up increasingly difficult as well as caused the tender to take on lots of water. By the time that last few people were picked up from the beach, the tender was extremely water laden. Despite this, Tim seemed extremely calm. After surviving, we had to pull the extremely heavy, water-filled tender onto the stern of the ship. After drying off we waited eagerly for Hugh to finish cooking the spaghetti bolognaise for lunch.

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