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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School


FROM: Townsville TO: Townsville

DATE: 29 July 2017

POSITION: Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island

Report by: Group B Red Watch

We woke up before the rooster crowed, for our night watch and sleepily stumbled our way to the Galley. There we were met by a warm cup of coco. We sloppily completed some pages of our South Passage work book as the boat rocked steadily. We then made our way to the deck to ensure that the boat had not moved by checking the surroundings. We were awake for roughly an hour, well before the sun had started to rise over the horizon. As the time hit 5:00am we woke Kirra, Paige and Johanna for their turn on watch. We dozed off soon to be woken up by the girls only an hour later.

We all eagerly made our way up to deck and were shown how to clean the brass helm area by our Watch Leader, Dave. After cleaning the brass area spick and span Red Watch watched the sun hit the water. The captain, John Davis, had arisen as well as the master chef, Hugh Crichton. Kirra was appointed to the job of blowing the bugle to wake the rest of Group B. Kirra managed to produce a few sounds that could not be described. The captain rang the newly polished bell which meant it was time to raise the anchor. Matthew enthusiastically jumped down into the chain locker. The anchor was hauled up with a capstan and we set sail towards Cardwell. On our journey, John tended to fall in and out of sleep on the bench which fulfilled the day’s entertainment.

As we were motoring towards Cardwell the daily knot tying competition started. This is where Paige’s previous Girl Scout skills came into action. Blue Watch took out the win with Red Watch coming a close second. We dropped the anchor at Cardwell and learnt to operate the running backstays as fast as we can. After a bit of practice we began the backstay competition in which you had to change backstays as fast as you could. This tested our abilities to work as a team as well as our perseverance. Our team smoked the other competitors, winning a well-deserved Freddo Frog.

We continued our path along the Hinchinbrook Channel coming back on watch from 12 till 3. As we came to the end of the channel the wind picked up and we raised the sails. As the boat picked up speed, Jez and Matt W decided to jump on the netting with the mermaid on the front of the boat. Jack J joined the boys soon after. We managed to capture some amazing scenery photos with the Go Pro. On the bowsprit most people would be holding on for their lives whereas Matt and Jezareel thought it was the perfect place for a nap. Eventually the cold became a little unbearable without a jumper so the boys jumped off to share the experience around with others. 

Our last dinner on board was cooked by Hugh which consisted of a marinated chicken leg, rice, carrots, peas and gravy; better than anything you will ever receive at boarding school. Jezereel, Matthew, Johanna, Kirra, Paige and John.

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