South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Central Coast Steiner School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191106

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 6 November 2019

POSITION:  Athol Bay, Sydney Harbour

REPORT BY: Red Watch V2

Everyone was ecstatic as we boarded South Passage and the journey began. Watch leaders where introduced and we were shown the ropes (literally). After being given a thorough run down of what to do, we were then introduced to our wonderful chef Hugh, and we were served a fabulous lunch of spaghetti bolognaise and salad.

After lunch we hoisted the sails the fun truly began. There were people on the bow sprit net having the time of their lives and people on deck making sure everything was running smoothly.

Once the sails were down, we had a delicious dinner of steak with peas, potatoes and pumpkin topped with gravy. The first anchor watch group (Red Watch) went on duty and that brings us to the present. Trinity, Kiki and Geffen

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  1. James Hester on November 16, 2019 at 10:08 am

    I was part of the Central Coast Steiner School voyage and it was the best experience i have ever had on a sailing boat.
    I was Red 3/ V7 and though it was only to nights and three days i met some very kind people and learnt some very awesome knots, to anyone who hasn’t been on this boat i would 100% recommend it as it is basically a once in a lifetime opportunity and gosh the Cook Hugh, well lets just say he’s the best Cook you’ll ever get on either a sailing boat or a much larger boat.
    The South Passage has a very kind crew on board and the views you get on the boat and the air rushing through your hair is amazing. My guide leader was Paul and he was amazing to.
    Though i highly recommend if you are highly or even of your not highly reactant to sunburn to take sunscreen because i literally never get sun burnt, i just tan, but even i got sun burnt so if you do go on South Passage (which you should) to bring sunscreen. Also if you do go on South Passage then do what ever you can and nothing less and also have fun and enjoy it cause it isn’t every day you get to go on a sailing boat.
    Especially the South Passage. 🙂 🙂
    PS. Enjoy your time on the South Passage while your on it because when you leave the sailing boat you’ll wish you could of stayed on it for much longer.
    Anyway I was Red 3 or you could also call me V7 and i had the best experience ever.

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