South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Peace Lutheran College
FROM: Townsville TO: Cairns
DATE: 6th June 2016 TIME: 2030 hrs
POSITION: Kent Island, North Barnard group
REPORT BY: Red Watch
Today we motored through the Hinchinbrook channel, along the way we saw several crocodiles, dolphins swimming alongside us and skipping fish. Cath served up her world famous lunch of Spag bowl. We jumped off the boat at Dunk Island, and swam for a good 2 hours, back-flips, front-flips and every other flip there is off a 5 meter jump. Due to excellent team collaboration, Red won the knot tying competition, by a thin second. During the night shift several shooting stars were spotted along with breathtaking views of the Milky Way. Fierce card battles were fought beneath the deck, often breaking strong friendships. A total of 3-4 people tripped on the ropes on deck, fortunately not resulting in death. We were given a chance to fish off the side off the boat. However we failed with a great amount of shame, only catching a pathetic, undersized fish. Fortunately, Cath had prepared top-KNOTCH (pun intended) steak, to make up for the lack of fish. The Red team excelled in most competitive activities due to the leadership skills of our amazing Watch Leader, who took us under his wing.

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